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Victor Leginsky’s CV, Arbitrators UAE Arbitration

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Victor Leginsky, international arbitrator: please click on the link below to see his CV:

Victor Leginsky ChArbMedG 2017Nov



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Across the street from me is the Dubai International Finanical Centre (DIFC).  It has a host of art galleries.  It is interesting to see that side of Dubai.  Please click on the images to better see them.

A whimsical piece, a small truck loaded with all manner of household goods. It had Lebanese plates.

Little Creatures have taken over DIFC

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But I’m not scared.

Little creatures have invaded Dubai International Financial Centre.  About 100 of them.

Most are in plexi cases, so I am not worried.

This is the event; click here to see more.

Around Dubai

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Graffiti!  Something not seen in Dubai much.  However, this art installation in DIFC features graffiti – what does “fry, fry, fry” and a deep-fried bird-house mean?  Maybe you’re not supposed to deconstruct this stuff…

And an advertisement that is normal here but controversial elsewhere … Shah Rukh Khan, the most famous movie star in the world, telling all Indian men ..  be white!  Can be tough depending on your genes …

Better stick to the animals.  Although there can be cross-cultural experiences there, too.  Here, a cat finds consortium with a goat.  And, at 30 degrees, it is not for warmth.

And a weird bird with a whacky head-dress seen in my neighbourhood

And, ah yes, the peafowl chicks.  Clearly, the dancing, prancing and preening of the peacocks has worked …

Around Dubai

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There is an art push on in my DIFC neighbourhood.  So many art galleries around.  Here is a picture seen in the window of one of them, I think the Opera Gallery.  Please click on it to see it.


And it has been a sad week because one of the Abu Dhabi Sheikhs was killed in a glider accident in Morocco.    Here is the big Itihad flag at half mast.

R I P Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

All the radio stations play nothing but funereal music for 3 days.  Worthy in this case.  He was a good person.  It is a loss.

My Neighbourhood

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I live in a very cool neighbourhood in Dubai.  I am in DIFC, the financial hub of the Middle East.  And yet behind my building are birds, animals, trees and lovely villas.

They think they're pretty birds!

Who you lookin' at?

Some of my neighbours.

 And probably the coolest thing is that this farm is in the shadow of the world’s tallest building!  

Dubai downtown farm

 More pictures to come in future posts, including the peacocks and


Dubai Weather Nice Now!

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Today was the first day that I could walk outside without feeling too hot since, oh, maybe May.  Here’s to winter, and temperatures in the low 30’s and maybe even 20’s!  Although, I remember last Christmas and New Years, sitting outside at Bab Al Shams, being really quite chilly.  It can hit single digits in the desert on a winter’s eve.

I continue with my set-up as a lawyer at the DIFC, the heart of finance in the Gulf.  Perfect place to be during the financial problems the rest of the world is having.

So, it is all good today.