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Victor Leginsky to Speak at Construction Conference in Doha

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Victor Leginsky, Chartered Arbitrator and Certified mediator, will speak at this construction conference in Doha, Qatar.  Please see the program here ME-GM3480 – event.  Thank you.


Hello Tomorrow

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The Emirates ‘Hello Tomorrow’ song.

Little Creatures have taken over DIFC

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But I’m not scared.

Little creatures have invaded Dubai International Financial Centre.  About 100 of them.

Most are in plexi cases, so I am not worried.

This is the event; click here to see more.

Lucky Kidlets

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There are some very lucky kids in my neighbourhood!   I saw a villa with an almost life-sized replica of the Freej villa for them to play in!  (pic below)  Freej is a very popular cartoon show (kind of an Arabic Simpsons) that feature 4 grannies coping with the change in Dubai in a very funny way!  They are characterized by the solid niqabs they wear on their faces (you can see women wearing these in Dubai) and their constantly henna’d fingers.  See a video here to get a flavour.

Here is their villa:

Lucky kids have a Freej villa!

Schadenfreude Part Two

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The UAE’s official news agency has echoed the thoughts in my post of yesterday deploring the lack of objective reporting on the UAE’s financial situation.  In sum, our economy is functioning much better than some international media would have you believe.  In “Harmful stones will never knock fruit of UAE tree“, the agency says that the UAE economy is diversified, and is flowing smoothly through all Emirates.  Harmful stones by some will not knock the fruit off the UAE tree, it says.

Crash or Schadenfreude?

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Various articles have posited that Dubai has suffered some sort of economic crash.  Anecdotally, what has happened is that many investors, developers and businesses are taking a deep breath.  How long can one inhale is the question.  Some people feel that the media have been too quick to declare a crash here.  Perhaps it is just Schadenfreude, a delight in seeing smarty-pants Dubai take a drubbing.  That is discussed by one Peter Cooper in his blog entry, “Global Media Turns on Dubai“.

Currently, it comes down to being a crash if you or your loved one lost a job, a “wait and see” if you haven’t.