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Moving to Saudi Arabia (2)

Posted in Al_Ahsa, Hofuf, Middle East, reflection, Travel with tags , , , , , , on April 4, 2009 by leginsky

It occurs to me, looking at the title of this post, that we’ve moved to KSA, so perhaps the gerundial “moving” isn’t correct.  However, our furniture hasn’t yet arrived, and we are still in the palatial confines of the Intercontinental Al Ahsa, so we are still clearly in the process of moving.

It strikes me as what a very privileged position we are in.  As residents of the Kingdom, we are free to travel around this great country, with its two major sea coasts (Red Sea and Gulf), mountains, antiquities and wonderful people, whereas other foreigners are not so allowed.

And it seems in 10 days, Inshallah, we will have a great place to live and our own furniture inside it.

Keep you posted.