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Al Ahsa – Landforms & Camel Camps!

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Al Ahsa is the area around Hofuf, KSA.  It is characterised by interesting landforms like these (click on to see)

And amongst these are many camel camps, which feature a tent, some hay and camels, some in pens, some just around

Here is the classic style of tent, and then the same style “housified”

And the camels, the stars of the show …

And the camel people sometimes move with their camels, to take them to a beauty contest or for grazing purposes.  They use mobile tents, like this one


Road Trip 2

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Into Saudi, on the road to AL Hofuf (Al Ahsa).

Scenery along the way

Yikes!  Dunes!

This is the Arabian Gulf.  The Salway corner is the only turn in the road from the KSA border to Hofuf.  Biig event … a corner!  You can go to Qatar that way… we go the other way, to Hofuf.

Typical “facilities” along the way 

It was a windy, sandy day along the road to Hofuf – pretty typical – wears the paint off the front of your vehicle

In Hofuf – and the local police want to you to watch out for the faults of others – wise, as no one wants to admit that they themselves may have faults!

Getting Hot!

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I think the hot weather is coming fast.  It was warm today. (Please click on thumbnails to get the picture)

Dubai Sun

Sun is starting to feel strong, although as it’s March, we still have cooler days.

Camel & Bird

Camels are laying down in the heat.

Peacock in shade

Peacocks are in the shade.

I’ll have to get all the camping and beach-going done soon before it gets too darn hot!


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Naturally, no neighbourhood is complete without camels.  Here is the main camel pen behind my building in my neighbourhood.  The guy you in the picture has a particularly tough sign beside him.  You can click on these thumbnails to see the pics. 

"I not dangrous - I nice boy - feeds me!"

The next two camels are not from my neighbourhood, but I saw them the other day when I drove out of town on the 311 just past Ras Al Khaimah.  The noble one on the hill is framed by wires (sort of looks like a perp line-up with height lines).  The second is straight out of LOLCAMELS (like LOLCATS only of the dromedary variety).

Outstanding in his field ...

Suggest a caption!!