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Arbitral Awards Seminar University of Dubai

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You are invited to a free seminar Thursday 6:30 PM 15 March 2018 on Arbitral Awards.  Please attend!

Se the link here: Law Seminar





Victor Leginsky to Speak at Construction Conference in Doha

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Victor Leginsky, Chartered Arbitrator and Certified mediator, will speak at this construction conference in Doha, Qatar.  Please see the program here ME-GM3480 – event.  Thank you.

Victor Leginsky and Construction Lifecycle Risk Management Arbitration

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I recently spoke at the Construction Lifecycle Risk Management conference on construction dispute resolution in Abu Dhabi.  Here is a link to that conference

Victor Leginsky’s CV, Arbitrators UAE Arbitration

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Victor Leginsky, international arbitrator: please click on the link below to see his CV:

Victor Leginsky ChArbMedG 2017Nov

Crash or Schadenfreude?

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Various articles have posited that Dubai has suffered some sort of economic crash.  Anecdotally, what has happened is that many investors, developers and businesses are taking a deep breath.  How long can one inhale is the question.  Some people feel that the media have been too quick to declare a crash here.  Perhaps it is just Schadenfreude, a delight in seeing smarty-pants Dubai take a drubbing.  That is discussed by one Peter Cooper in his blog entry, “Global Media Turns on Dubai“.

Currently, it comes down to being a crash if you or your loved one lost a job, a “wait and see” if you haven’t.

Still Opportunities in UAE Real Estate!

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I have been in the UAE just over a year and a half.  I finally feel as though I am getting some of the inside scoop on business here.  Even real estate.  There are still good projects.  You just need to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I guess that should be no surprise.  This is a booming region.  Of course there will be good deals to be found.  Also, this region has attracted some of the sharpest operators around.  No surprise that you have to watch yourself.  No-one is giving away money for nothing!

But is feels good to get a handle on things here.  Inshallah, it will continue.