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Lucky Kidlets

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There are some very lucky kids in my neighbourhood!   I saw a villa with an almost life-sized replica of the Freej villa for them to play in!  (pic below)  Freej is a very popular cartoon show (kind of an Arabic Simpsons) that feature 4 grannies coping with the change in Dubai in a very funny way!  They are characterized by the solid niqabs they wear on their faces (you can see women wearing these in Dubai) and their constantly henna’d fingers.  See a video here to get a flavour.

Here is their villa:

Lucky kids have a Freej villa!


Practical Link for You to Help in Gaza

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Here is a very practical link for you to help the people of Gaza.  Please take a look.

Lest We Forget

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Today is President Obama’s inauguration day.  The USA and much of the world is abuzz with excitement.  I do not want Gaza and the suffering of Gazans to be lost in this maelstrom of media frenzy.  Why?  Because I read that Israel was allegedly using Gazans to test their new weapons.   This in combination with the killing of 1300 (one-third children), the wounding of many thousands, the traumatisaton of  Gaza’s 840,000 children and the devastation of 22,000 homes.  All of this is too much forget or ignore, even on this exciting day.

I understand Israel’s need for self-defence.  Hamas’ lobbing of rockets indiscriminately into the civilian population is criminal behaviour.  However, the actions taken, weapons used and disaster created in response is shocking and inappropriate.

Excellent Opinion Piece

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I think this opinion piece by Mishaal al Gergawi in the National newspaper out of Abu Dhabi really sums up the general feeling here now.  There is much to do  locally and nationally, but we cannot forget the suffering (needless in my view) of the people of Gaza.  Mishaal also volunteered, as I did, at the Dubai Cares initiative for the children of Gaza.  His views articulate the way I felt.  Please read it.  Click on the link above.

Dubai Cares!

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Dubai Cares, a social initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Prime Minister and Vice-President and Ruler of Dubai, is taking concrete action to assist the children of the conflict in Gaza.  It is a great move.  I attended last evening at DIFC where volunteers are assembling school supply and health kits for the children of Gaza.  I spent two hours assembling school supply kits.  Since my new business is in DIFC, I felt a moral obligation to support this very worthwhile effort.  And since the death, injury and psychological damage to the children of Gaza is shocking no matter if you are Muslim or Christian, I applaud the effort of this focus on aiding the children.

While I do not want to turn my reflective blog into a political soapbox, I cannot see how more can not be done to avoid this massive impact on the children of Gaza.  Also, moves such as banning Arab political parties in Israel make one wonder what their motives really are at this time.  

I am  not an expert in the politics or military strategies of the Middle East.  However, I do intend to go back to DIFC to do more for the children of Gaza.